Wednesday, 1 April 2015



In life, we have what we call perception.  One day in one class, there are 2 boys argue about what present they should give to their teacher who will retire soon. They have pool their money each RM10 and will decide what to buy. The first boy says buy only one expensive present so that their teacher will get a good nice present which will make the teacher remember them.  The second boy says buy two presents so that the teacher will have more than one present and that will make him remember them more. Which one is correct…  the idea from the first boy or the second boy. Neither one is correct and neither one is wrong. The perception arises because both have their own ideas and both have the reasons to their idea. In our daily life, we have come across many times when our idea might not be in favor of our friends, our parents, our boss and the list go on and on…. Why is that so? It is because we are meant to be different. We are supposed to check, clarify, verify understand and compassionate towards others. We have to be different because that is where the tolerance comes and play its part. It is alright to have differences but the beauty of differences should make us more patients and accept our circle of friends, colleagues, siblings, loved ones of what they are and so they accept us of what we are. Don’t let the differences drawn us apart. Instead, let the differences create more ideas, more alternatives and more loves in our heart.